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I am getting investigated for DWI-What now?

If you are stopped and have had anything to drink the officer will probably ask you to do some tests. He or she will say these tests are to show that you are okay to drive home. This is not true, the tests are designed to show the officer you are intoxicated (not sober). And any evidence gathered from these tests will be used against you in court.

You should politely decline to preform any tests. Tell the officer “I am sorry but my lawyer has advised me not to do any tests that are designed so that everyone will fail.” He or she will keep trying to get you do the tests, but continue to politely say no.

Once you are arrested the officer will read you a long form asking for your breath or blood. You should also politely refuse to do this test. If you agree and the results show you are higher than .08 this will be the first piece of evidence used to prosecute you.

Your case will almost always be better if the police and prosecutor have less evidence . By politely refusing the tests, you keep them from having key evidence they will use against you.

When should I call a Lawyer?

As soon as you become aware that the police (or some other investigating agency) are looking for or investigating you, or if you believe that you may have committed a crime. A lawyer can intervene with the police and either prevent an arrest or, if you are going to be arrested, arrange for your surrender at a time and in a manner that minimizes embarrassment to you or your family. Hiring a lawyer may also protect you from being questioned by the police.

How do I get out of jail?

Call a lawyer immediately! In most Central Texas counties it is possible for an experienced lawyer to secure a personal bond. A lot of people think it is necessary to use a bail bondsman, however this is not true and may be a waste of money. A lawyer can apply some or all of the jail release fees to legal representation (so you don’t throw your money away) and may be able to get you out for less than bondsman.

If I am innocent, why do I need a lawyer?

Innocent people do get accused of committing crimes. Also, people who may have committed one crime often get accused (sometimes wrongfully) of committing additional, and more serious crimes. As the accused, you have a constitutional right to counsel. You are always better off having a lawyer learn about the accusation, discuss it with you, and develop a strategy for responding to the charge.

What should I do if I am Arrested?

Do not resist arrest, even if you believe the arrest is unfair. Tell the police that you wish to remain silent and ask for a lawyer immediately. Don’t give any explanations or excuses, these will be used against you later. Don’t say anything, sign anything, or make any decisions without consulting with a lawyer.

How do I find out if there is Warrant for my Arrest?

Many people are shocked to learn that there is a warrant out for their arrest. If you are concerned about a potential criminal charge in Central Texas, you can call a lawyer to find out about a possible warrant.

Some of the most common reasons why warrants are issued are related to failure to appear in court, a  case that arises from police investigation, probation violations, and failure to pay court-ordered fines. In some cases, the victims of identity theft will have numerous warrants for crimes that someone else committed. If you are worried about a warrant call a lawyer to see how they can help.

How do I decide on a Lawyer?

You need make sure the lawyer you hire is a good value. This does not mean to hire the cheapest criminal defense attorney. When you are making a decision that involves your freedom and future you cannot decide on price alone. You should find the lawyer can provide the best representation at a price you feel is reasonable.